…I know, I know. It might seem unusual (ok, downright lazy) to be offering my yule tide regards two months into the new year.

I could say I wanted to avoid my greetings getting lost in the plethora of New Year enthusiasm and decided to strike later in the game.

I could say I was sucked into a Christmas food coma that lasted nearly a month and a half and I miraculously woke up yesterday.

But you and I both know that is rubbish, so I won’t even.

I’m so sorry for the tumbleweeds you have probably seen bouncing across the pages here at The Tea Tray, but I promise it wasn’t for nothing.


Truth be told, I’ve been off in ‘amazing-holiday-travel-world’ across the USA since December (and mentally much earlier). You might have even been following the shenanigans via Instagram. I was busy eating delicious things, seeing wonderful places and recalibrating after a very full and, at times, a very challenging year.

The good news is that after a solid break from writing I have cleared some creative cobwebs and let my mind wander into some freshly-squeezed ideas for The Tea Tray. Armed to the teeth with tales and gastronomic tidbits from New York to Hawaii, you can expect some more eatery reviews, cookbook write-ups and musings on the good, the bad and the ugly of American eating.

So watch this space – things are going to get exciting up in here.

Until then, I really do hope your New Year is still rolling along nicely. I can’t wait to show you what I’ve got lined up for you!

Yours with love and Camembert,



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