The last time I went to Orange, I was a 5 year old dancing to the ‘Mamas and the Papas’ on a shag-pile carpet in my Auntie Lee’s living room.

Last weekend, I became a twenty-something dancing on the same shag-pile carpet to the ‘Mamas and the Papas’ in my Auntie Lee’s living room.

And boy, was it great.

Road trips are best when you’ve got three awesome sisters, an Auntie with an adorable fondness for ‘Singing in the Rain’, a tupperware box full of cookies, a country farmers market and stunning weekend of sun and country sky.

These pictures captured it all to the best of my ability.


20121017-072534 PM.jpg20121017-072603 PM.jpg20121017-072644 PM.jpg20121017-072815 PM.jpg20121017-072855 PM.jpg20121017-072923 PM.jpg20121017-072955 PM.jpg20121017-073159 PM.jpg20121017-073233 PM.jpg20121017-073310 PM.jpg20121017-073357 PM.jpg20121017-073432 PM.jpg20121017-073508 PM.jpg

20121017-073541 PM.jpg

20121017-073618 PM.jpg

20121017-073654 PM.jpg

20121017-073726 PM.jpg

20121017-073808 PM.jpg

20121017-073835 PM.jpg

20121017-073902 PM.jpg

20121017-073932 PM.jpg

20121017-074003 PM.jpg

20121017-074347 PM.jpg

20121017-074422 PM.jpg


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