This is what last week looked like.

Breakfast got its fancy-pants on.

The Kernel takes a quick dip before the gig.

Things got minty up in here.

I got the important stuff done first. Essays will happen later.

I made soft frozen creamy emotions. Get yours here.

Beach Wednesdays

Dumplings and Gyozas were in high demand.

Mum rocked some colour.

I’m moving my way through the Loving Earth range. One bar of yum at a time.

I made coconut pudding. Dang good coconut pudding. Recipe is coming soon!

I picked up some old friends from JB Hi-Fi.

Yep, they’re leaves of chocolate.

20120921-091323 PM.jpg

Spring time means hammocks. And dumplings. And lunch time Futurama.

20120921-091741 PM.jpg

Leftovers combined their powers in this 10 minute pasta

20120921-092433 PM.jpg

Jogging has started again (with my hip’s permission). And flowers were everywhere.

20120921-092857 PM.jpg

20120921-093102 PM.jpg

20120921-093256 PM.jpg

20120921-093423 PM.jpg

20120921-093624 PM.jpg

20120921-093839 PM.jpg


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